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In the Age of Virtual Clinics, An Invitation to do Better.

Research can be a powerful tool in helping to inform policy and bring positive change in communities. Unfortunately more often than not traditional research ... more
2 Nov

One Year, Ten Months, and One Day!

Yesterday was Latina Equal Pay Day. It marks the day when Latina pay in the United States roughly catches up to that of white, non-Latino men from the previous ... more
15 Aug

You can support Young Parents too!

On August 25th, New Mexico and California will be celebrating Young Parents Day of Recognition.* To mark the occasion, California Latinas for Reproductive ... more
23 Aug

Young Parents Rise!

J4YF Blog Series: Young Parents Speak Out! Written by: Mariela Vazquez Before having my baby, the thought of having a child never existed in my mind. The whole ... more
18 Aug

A Force of Nature

J4YF Series: Young Parents Speak Out! Written by: Maria Pacheco Becoming a mom is life changing, no matter your age. It gives you a whole other perspective on ... more
4 Aug

Let me make this promise: Comprehensive Healthcare Access for Young Latinas

*By Mara Minguez, M.D., MSc One experience in particular has stayed with me. I vividly recall a 15 year old who in response to her pregnancy diagnosis ... more
17 Jun

Transxenophobia, Gender Autonomy, & Reproductive Justice

An Interview with Bamby Salcedo By Karla Padrón PART 2 Transgender justice, like reproductive justice acknowledges the importance of gender self-determination. ... more
9 Jun

Let’s Talk About Transxenophobia, Gender Autonomy, & Reproductive Justice in the Latin@ Community

An Interview with Bamby Salcedo By Karla Padrón PART 1 of 2 When I was a 12-year old child, I came to the U.S. to live with my mom. Growing up in Mexicali, ... more
11 May

Celebrating young mamas!

Written by: Christina Martinez May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, a particularly hard month for pregnant & parenting youth as they are subject to ... more
19 Nov

The woman who held my hand

Last month, we officially released our "Latinas and the "A" word" infographics and fact sheets detailing the attitudes of Latin@s about abortion, the barriers in ... more
7 Aug

El Gran Compromiso: How the Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Silences Immigrant’s Health and Well Being

CLRJ is pleased to join our hermanas, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), and the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and ... more
8 Jul

Exploring the Intersections of the Indian Child Welfare Act and the Reproductive Justice movement - a.k.a. Stop Stealing Our Children

For those of us who do Reproductive Justice work, the emotional rollercoaster week that closed with the Senate’s passage of S. 744 that coupled further unnecess... more
27 May

NOT a "Poster Community" for Conservative Politics

By Ena Suseth Valladares- CLRJ Director of Research  Contrary to popular perception, we Latin@s* are not ALL socially conservative, nor are we all uniformly ... more
29 Apr

And so it seams

This is a guest post by Brenda Mendez, an alumna from CLRJ's Latinas Empowered for Action (LEA) program in recognition of Denim Day 2013 As I brush my fingertips ... more
8 Mar

A Collective Response to NYC's "Think Being a Teen Parent Won't Cost You?" Campaign

When the new NYC teen pregnancy prevention ad campaign came out, all of us at the CLRJ office took a collective sigh. We know that the targeting of this “shame ... more
14 Feb

Loving Youth Unconditionally

By Ena Suseth Valladares- CLRJ Director of Research  Where is the love for our youth? Today whether we partake in the love festivities or not, let us all ... more
23 Jan

Reclaiming Spaces: Latinas and Abortion in the U.S.

By Myra Durán, Policy Coordinator This year marks the 40th anniversary of the historical Roe v Wade ruling in 1973. With this monumental legislative win come ... more
22 Jan

40 Aniversario del Caso Roe contra Wade

By Sylvia Barron, CLRJ Board of Directors A pesar de haber llegado a la edad de 7 años a este país, no fue hasta los 32 años que por azares del destino me ... more
22 Jan

40 at 40: My Lifetime with Roe

By Laura Jimenez, Executive Director On January 22 of this year, women’s health advocates and our allies will be celebrating the anniversary of the landmark ... more
17 Jan

A Young Latina's Reflection on "Choice"

By Anonymous- Reproductive Justice advocate The 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade is approaching and I wonder if being a Latina limits my access to a safe and ... more