In The Age Of Virtual Clinics, An Invitation To Do Better

Research can be a powerful tool in helping to inform policy and bring positive change in communities. Unfortunately more often than not traditional research methodologies lack a social justice framework, missing the mark on how we work alongside and inform communities most affected by our work. So it’s been really important for us to get […]

One Year, Ten Months, and One Day!

Yesterday was Latina Equal Pay Day. It marks the day when Latina pay in the United States roughly catches up to that of white, non-Latino men from the previous year. In other words, to make as much as white men did in 2017, it took Latinas an extra 10 months and 1 day! And according […]

You can support Young Parents too!

On August 25th, New Mexico and California will be celebrating Young Parents Day of Recognition.* To mark the occasion, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice (CLRJ) and Young Women United (YWU) invite you to join in the celebration wherever you are by uplifting young parents’ resilience! Whether they are our children, parents, siblings, tías/os, primas/os, friends, […]

Young Parents Rise!

J4YF Blog Series: Young Parents Speak Out! Written by: Mariela Vazquez Before having my baby, the thought of having a child never existed in my mind. The whole idea of being a parent was the least of my worries. My life changed the day I found out I was pregnant. Although I do admit that […]

A Force of Nature

J4YF Series: Young Parents Speak Out! Written by: Maria Pacheco Becoming a mom is life changing, no matter your age. It gives you a whole other perspective on what you will continue to do in life. I was 15 years old when I found out I was pregnant. I still remember school days being the worst: being […]

Let me make this promise: Comprehensive Healthcare Access for Young Latinas

*By Mara Minguez, M.D., MSc One experience in particular has stayed with me. I vividly recall a 15 year old who in response to her pregnancy diagnosis stated, “It would not only kill my dreams… it hurts me more to kill my parents’ dreams.”  In that moment, she did not yet realize that she had a choice. If […]

Transxenophobia, Gender Autonomy, & Reproductive Justice

An Interview with Bamby Salcedo By Karla Padrón PART 2 Transgender justice, like reproductive justice acknowledges the importance of gender self-determination. I spoke to the Transvisible co-researcher Bamby Salcedo about the challenges faced by TransLatina immigrants in the U.S.  Salcedo is a tireless advocate, activist, and proud TransLatina.  Most recently awarded the Susan J. Hyde Award for Longevity in […]

Celebrating young mamas!

Written by: Christina Martinez May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, a particularly hard month for pregnant & parenting youth as they are subject to constant reminders of the ways in which their parenthood is a burden to society, the economy, and their communities. From the start, young parents are told that their pregnancy and/or child […]

The woman who held my hand

Last month, we officially released our “Latinas and the “A” word” infographics and fact sheets detailing the attitudes of Latin@s about abortion, the barriers in accessing abortion, and the dangers crisis pregnancy centers pose for our communities. In reflecting about how all of these issues impact our lives, we wanted the statistics to be more […]