Exploring the Intersections of the Indian Child Welfare Act and the Reproductive Justice movement – a.k.a. Stop Stealing Our Children

For those of us who do Reproductive Justice work, the emotional rollercoaster week that closed with the Senate’s passage of S. 744 that coupled further unnecessary and unethical border militarization with Comprehensive Immigration Reform was a busy one.  After an already “good, bad and ugly” mix of Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions that came down: DOMA, […]

NOT a “Poster Community” for Conservative Politics

By Ena Suseth Valladares- CLRJ Director of Research  Contrary to popular perception, we Latin@s* are not ALL socially conservative, nor are we all uniformly religious, nor do we all think in a singular way.  This is because we are NOT a monolithic group of people – our ethnic roots span a vast geographical area – we […]

And so it seams

This is a guest post by Brenda Mendez, an alumna from CLRJ’s Latinas Empowered for Action (LEA) program in recognition of Denim Day 2013 As I brush my fingertips across my lips, I can’t fathom the pain that surges from the pulling and gripping at my hips. I use my upper body strength to push […]

Loving Youth Unconditionally

By Ena Suseth Valladares- CLRJ Director of Research  Where is the love for our youth? Today whether we partake in the love festivities or not, let us all reflect upon what it would mean to show true love for all our youth – particularly when it comes to supporting and respecting their sexuality. Youth sexuality […]

Reclaiming Spaces: Latinas and Abortion in the U.S.

By Myra Durán, Policy Coordinator This year marks the 40th anniversary of the historical Roe v Wade ruling in 1973. With this monumental legislative win come several reflections, blogposts, events and panel discussions about how this case has impacted women’s access to abortion care here in the U.S.  There will be lively conversations about the […]

40 Aniversario del Caso Roe contra Wade

By Sylvia Barron, CLRJ Board of Directors A pesar de haber llegado a la edad de 7 años a este país, no fue hasta los 32 años que por azares del destino me vine enterando lo que esta ley tan significativa representa para las mujeres y/o parejas acerca del derecho a decidir sobre nuestro cuerpo. Veinticinco años […]

40 at 40: My Lifetime with Roe

By Laura Jimenez, Executive Director On January 22 of this year, women’s health advocates and our allies will be celebrating the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade case that made abortions legal in the United States in 1973.  A few weeks later, I will celebrate my 40th birthday.  I learned of this coincidence 10 […]

A Young Latina’s Reflection on “Choice”

By Anonymous- Reproductive Justice advocate The 40th anniversary of Roe V. Wade is approaching and I wonder if being a Latina limits my access to a safe and legal abortion? Coming from a conservative Catholic family and a community whose public education doesn’t provide comprehensive sex education, I could’ve easily blamed myself for becoming pregnant […]