Chingonas Rock the Vote – September 15, 2018

Join CLRJ and our Latinas4RJ San Diego chapter from 10am to 1pm for in-depth discussion on the importance of raising Latina/x experiences and voices in National, State, and Local politics. This is our first meeting to plan events and actions that uplift our stories and mobilize the Latina/x vote in San Diego County. RSVP HERE!

Education Day – Sunday, July 15th, 2018

Join L4RJ SD Chapter for an afternoon to learn about bills we’re supporting this year! We’ll have food, light refreshments and information needed to help support these measures. RSVP at:

Reproductive Freedom Week – March 26 – 30

Reproductive Freedom Week (#RFW2018) is a statewide advocacy event, coordinated by California Coalition for Reproductive Freedom (CCRF) featuring advocacy training, in-district visits with elected officials, and other community-building events. This year #RFW2018 will be conducting in-district lobby visits in 4 regions across the state: Central Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland & one virtual statewide event to […]

Los Angeles – CLRJ Turns 10! – Saturday Oct. 10

It’s CLRJ 10th year of leading, sprouting, & growing the Reproductive Justice Movement in California & beyond! Celebrate with us and help us honor those who have lead the way. RSVP for our Los Angeles event here. For Sponsorship opportunities please contact Nancy at:

Jesus was a fisherman

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The woman who held my hand

Last month, we officially released our “Latinas and the “A” word” infographics and fact sheets detailing the attitudes of Latin@s about abortion, the barriers in accessing abortion, and the dangers crisis pregnancy centers pose for our communities. In reflecting about how all of these issues impact our lives, we wanted the statistics to be more […]