Community Organizing

Community Engagement

At CLRJ we recognize that Latina/e leaders are essential to making change in our communities. This is why we are deeply committed to building Latina/e leadership and ensuring that our policy priorities are informed, shaped and moved by our communities. Through our community organizing and engagement work, we build Latina/e leadership, practice community education, and offer Latina/e leaders mobilization opportunities to advance a reproductive justice agenda that leaves no one behind.

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Unión de Vecinas Unidas de Bell Gardens Holding Signs

Bell Gardens Rent Stabilization

At CLRJ we believe housing is a basic human right that is intimately tied to our ability to take care of our families, our communities, and on which our own health depends. On August 22, 2022 Bell Gardens City Council unanimously passed a rent stabilization ordinance that limits annual rent increases to once a year and to 50% CPI, with a 4% ceiling. Bell Gardens made history as the first city in SELA, and majority Latine city, to pass rent stabilization. This is what it looks like when residents, madres, señoras, tías, abuelas and city officials come together to protect their community.

Unión de Vecinas de Bell Gardens (UdV)

UdV is a group of working-class, immigrant Latina/e grandmothers, mothers, and parents affiliated with CLRJ. UdV members led and continue to lead the struggle for safe, stable, and affordable housing in their community. UdV members believe that housing is a human right and a Reproductive Justice issue.

Unión de Vecinas Unidas de Bell Gardens Together