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The FDA Just Approved the First-Ever Over-the-Counter Birth Control Pill in the United States

California lawmakers advance bills to enhance reproductive health

These women are fighting to bring rent control to Southeast LA

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice Group Fears Local Repercussions of Abortion Ruling

More California cities enact rent control to protect tenants

Latinas are the targets of abortion misinformation. Providers and advocates are pushing back.

Beyond Choice: Reading about Reproductive Justice

Victims of Forced Sterilization in California Are Fighting for Reparations

Aprueban congelar precio de la renta en Bell Gardens

Residentes de Bell Gardens piden suspensión de pago de renta

Residentes de Bell Gardens piden que congelen la renta

Proponen congelar el aumento del precio de la renta durante 90 días en Bell Gardens: conoce los detalles

For Decades, California Forcibly Sterilized Women Under Eugenics Law. Now, The State Will Pay Survivors

Survivors of forced sterilizations: ‘It’s like my life wasn’t worth anything’

California will compensate survivors of its forced sterilization program

California once forcibly sterilized people by the thousands. Noe the victims may get reparations.

California poised to pay compensation to victims of forced sterilization

Colorlines Q&A: Activist Laura Jiménez on Reproductive Violence

Forced Sterilization Programs in California Once Harmed Thousands – Particularly Latinas

CNN – This is Sex with Lisa Ling
The personal and political: What sexual self-determination looks like for women today

California Bill Says Church Employer Can’t Fire Workers if They Use Birth Control

Let’s talk about sex: school districts attempt to navigate new state law

Detained Immigrant Women Are Facing A Grueling Abortion Struggle

Take Care of Your Sexual, Reproductive Health: Latino Groups Create Handy Resource Guide

Fired for getting pregnant? That’s not right

Women’s March of Los Angeles fills Downtown streets with signs, songs

Everything You Need To Know About The L.A. Women’s March
A guide to getting there, participating, and knowing your rights.

Unaccompanied and Pregnant, Challenges of Finding Health Services

Respect Is An Everyday Thing: Why Young Parents Need Support

Latinx Must Use Votes to Fight Hyde Amendment

State Budget Boosts Education, Reserve, Ends Child Welfare Cap

California Takes Steps to Repeal ‘Unfair’ Welfare Rule Affecting 130,000 Children

California’s Minimum Wage Increase Is Not Enough for the Working Poor

The Film ‘No Más Bebés’ Gives Reproductive-Justice Advocates Fuel for Today’s Fights

Grupo de guerreras lucha por los derechos de la mujer en California

America’s secret history of forced sterilization: Remembering a disturbing and not-so-distant past

No Más Bebés and the Continued Pursuit to Control the Bodies of Poor Women of Color in the US