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The Fourth Annual Latina Week of Action for Reproductive Justice is BACK!

In this critical moment when Congress and the nation are considering options to reform our inadequate and unethical immigration system, immigrant women’s needs continue to be left behind.  We must raise our voices louder than ever to recognize and acknowledge the critical role immigrant women play in our nation’s social fabric and strongly affirm and protect the human rights of all people, particularly the 11 million undocumented Americanos.

Whether you represent an organization, a community, or yourself, please join us, our partners, and our grassroots activists to make our voices heard and hold our elected officials accountable. Today, many women and children have no health care options at all. If the current immigration bill, or a proposal similar to that passed by the Senate, becomes law these families would be forced to wait 15 years or longer before seeing a doctor. For a woman with undiagnosed cervical cancer or other untreated illness, 15 years could be the difference between life and death.

Latinas and immigrant women are actively engaged in shaping our families, our communities, and future. Join us to build and demonstrate our power in support reproductive justice, health, and dignity for all families. We must call on lawmakers to listen to immigrant women and families, so that reform allows aspiring citizens the opportunity to fully contribute to our families, communities, and economy. Latinas demand immigration reform that respects human dignity and supports the health and success of our communities. Congress should deliver nothing less!

This year, join us and our hermanas, the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health (NLIRH), and the Colorado Organization for Latina Opportunity and Reproductive Rights (COLOR). Please join us in saying:

#15years is Too Long to Wait: Health and Justice for Immigrant Women Now!


Los Angeles: Join CLRJ for a plática on August 8th in East LA where we will be hosting a dialogue discussing the impacts immigration has had/continues to have on women and our communities. Register TODAY to get more information on event location! Have questions? Email Jocelyn Cansino at or call (213) 270-5258 and ask to speak with Jocelyn.

Take Action Today: Sign our Petition to pass immigration reform that includes health care for immigrant women and families.

Nationally: Sponsor the Week of Action: Contact to add your organization to the growing list of cosponsors.

Take Your Voice Online: Join CLRJ as we live-tweet our plática on August 8th at 6 pm PST on immigration and its impact on women and our communities. Join this virtual discussion and share your stories and questions by following us on Twitter @Latinas4RJ and using hashtag #ImmigrationisRJ. Also join NLIRH online throughout the week of action to discuss the harms of the health care restrictions in the Senate’s bill for immigration reform with the hashtags #15years and #15años.

Please take action TODAY with NCIWR’s I’m Fighting #4ImmigrantWomen campaign. Send a digital postcard to your members of Congress to ensure that women’s equality and rights are advanced in comprehensive immigration reform.

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