Governor Brown has two unsigned reproductive justice bills on his desk and we need YOU to make sure he signs them into law before the September 30th deadline!

I. AB 2289 (Weber) – Young Parents’ Right to Education Act: Right to parent with dignity, proper resources, and in safe environments

Summary: This bill builds upon prior legislative initiatives to promote educational equity for all students regardless of sex. It allows pregnant and parenting students to continue their education by ensuring that they receive parental and sick leave, which will help to increase high school graduation rates. Read more about AB 2289.


Tell Governor Brown it’s time to support two generations of our youth by posting on his facebook page here.


Governor @JerryBrown leave a legacy that supports two generations of our California youth! Research shows that children who bond with their parents have healthier outcomes. Please sign #AB2289 into law. #YPREA #J4YF

or Click and Tweet:

.@JerryBrownGov, research shows that children who bond with their parents have healthier outcomes. Leave a legacy that gives young parents, their children, & our communities the opportunity to thrive! Sign #AB2289 and support two generations of our youth! #YPREA #J4YF CLICK TO TWEET


II. SB 320 (Leyva) – College Students Right to Access Act: Right not to parent

Summary: This bill would increase access to reproductive health services for students at public universities by providing medication abortion on campus at student health centers. Read more about SB 320.


Submit a comment of support on Governor Brown’s website. Directions below:

Scroll down, choose “Have Comment” and type in your first name, last name, and email address.
Under “Please choose your subject” scroll down until you see “SB00320/Public university student health center…” and click that.
Click continue.
Click “Pro” <– this is super important!
Type your comment and click “send email.”

Here are some messages that you can use in your comment to the Governor:

Abortion Care On Campus would help ensure all students have access to care, wherever we live or go to school. Please sign SB320!
60% of Californians – including 7 in 10 women – support making the abortion pill available on campus. Take this step for student access and sign SB320!
California can take the lead in expanding access to reproductive care by making the abortion pill available at university student health centers. Break new ground and sign SB320!
Students already seek abortion services but right now they’re forced to go off campus. You can change that by signing SB320!
Trump is rolling back the clock on reproductive rights. Let’s show the country what progressive values look like. Please sign SB320 to lift barriers to abortion care on CA public university campuses!
If you are on social media let others know by posting your support:

Just asked @JerryBrownGov to sign #SB320! Make your voice heard at!

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