Latinas Empowered for Action

Latinas Empowered for Action (LEA) is building the next generation of “RJ” – Reproductive Justice Leaders in California.  LEA empowers community through a series of skills-building workshops and conferences in policy, advocacy and communications.  The “LEA RJ Advocacy Trainings and Statewide Conferences” introduce young Latinas and promotores to Reproductive Justice and advocacy that promotes positive impacts on Latinas’ reproductive, sexual health and justice. LEA RJ Advocacy Trainings are held in two regions of California every year and LEA alumnae receive continuing opportunities to further their knowledge and hands-on experience through legislative visits to Sacramento, attending conferences, communications trainings on social media, and other opportunities.


Coming in 2012!

July/August 2012, in Los Angeles & other TBD location

“Platica” Latinas and the “A” Word:  LEA alumnae and friends’ dialogue and break down taboos on the abortion conversation.

September 2012, “Voto Mujer” Training

Understanding the elections’ impact on Latinas’ health and autonomy


For more information, please contact Gabriela Valle, Sr. Director, Community Mobilization