Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders

Latinas for Reproductive Justice (Latinas4RJ)

As CLRJ continues to grow in the reproductive justice movement, we have created the Latinas4RJ Leadership Training Institute with chapters that are vital to our movement-building and are integral for organizing members for social activism. Latinas4RJ works to develop the next generation of RJ Latinx leaders in California who are passionate about advocating with, by, and for their own communities.


Latinas4RJ Chapter leaders are empowered in “RJ” Herstory, its framework, and learn about their role as advocates to amplify the voices of Latinx communities. Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders receive education and training with a Latinx focused lens in the areas of reproductive justice, abortion care and access, civic engagement, policy, facilitation, presentation, communication, public speaking, RJ story collection, philanthropy and writing of articles and blogs for advocacy.

Top 8 Reasons to be a CLRJ Latinas4RJ Leader

  1. To be part of the only organization in California working toward achieving reproductive justice for Latinxs, their families, and their communities as part of a larger national reproductive justice movement.
  2. To build and expand your own network of social justice-minded Latinxs in California and across the country.
  3. To create safer spaces for Latinxs from all backgrounds to come together and tackle ideas and practices around the best strategies to advocate for our comunidades while having fun and support each other.
  4. To develop leadership and advocacy skills. You will have the opportunity to participate and organize activities and events, including Capitol Education Day, Latina Week of Action, and RJ story collection.
  5. To take our individual stories, the experiences that bring us to RJ, and connect them with those of other Latinxs in the movement, creating healing and political power through community growth.
  6. To increase political awareness in our communities through participation in CLRJ Civic Engagement Program. Leaders will gain experience building RJ support in our communities through canvassing, phone banking, and community-based research.
  7. To contribute to the rich legacy of womxn of color in social movements
  8. To gain skills in building coalitions with partner organizations.


Benefits of Latinas4RJ Membership

Need more reasons to join? Your annual membership fee of $50 a year ($25 for unemployed, underemployed individuals, and students), not only supports the activities and events of the chapter but Latinas4RJ Leaders also gain the following:

  • Membership in the only Latinx organization in California working on reproductive justice
  • Notifications of job announcements from our partner organizations
  • Training sessions on advocacy, leadership development, community education, communications, and chapter management.
  • The realization that you are joining a strong group of Chingonxs across the state and country committed to achieving reproductive justice for our communities.
Interested in joining a chapter or starting a chapter in your community?


CLRJ’s mission to advance the reproductive justice for Latinx throughout California is only possible with the support of individuals and community organizations. Latinas4RJ chapters are open to all non-binary, womxn-identified, gender non-conforming, trans, genderqueer, and cisgender Latinx of all backgrounds. We currently have three Latinas4RJ Chapters in California, located in: Bay Area, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

We are currently accepting new members into the Los Angeles and Bay Area Chapter. For more information please contact Christina Lares at