Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders

Latinas for Reproductive Justice (Latinas4RJ)

Latinas4RJ (L4RJ) leadership chapters reflect CLRJ’s commitment to developing Latina/x leaders from various backgrounds and experiences. The goal of the L4RJ chapters is to build the next generation of Latina/x RJ Leaders in California who are passionate about advocating with, by, and for their own communities. The leadership chapters are open to all non-binary, womxn-identified, gender non-conforming, trans, genderqueer, and cisgender Latinas/xs ages 18-35 years old of all backgrounds.

Here’s what past and current Latinas4RJ Leaders have said about their experiences

Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders Retreat, 2015
Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders Retreat, 2015

So grateful to be in the presence of these badass latinas that are committed to improve our communities. We are those bad mujeres they warned you about.

They’ve taught me so much about organizing, community education, and policy advocacy through a reproductive justice lens AND [I] have made hella dope friendships [through L4RJ]. I hold our monthly meetings close to my heart. Equal parts chisme, self-care, and organizing keeps us strong.

Requirements for Latinas4RJ Membership

  • Complete Membership Application.
  • Payment of Membership Dues ($50/year for full-time employed, $25/year part-time/students).
  • Completion of an introductory Reproductive Justice 101 training.
  • Regular participation and leadership in monthly chapter meetings.
  • Participation and leadership in at least 2 CLRJ policy advocacy and voter engagement actions and activities.
    • CLRJ Local and Sacramento Advocacy Days (legislative visits).
    • CLRJ Spring and Fall Get Out The Vote campaigns (community outreach, door knocking, phone banks).
    • Support local partner actions and activities.
  • Support at least one of CLRJ’s grassroots fundraising campaigns (crowdfunding, annual fundraiser, CLRJ 5k).
Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders Retreat.
Latinas4RJ Chapter Leaders Retreat.

New Member Application Process

CLRJ reviews and accepts new members on a quarterly basis by filling out the L4RJ Chapter Membership Application here. To learn more about our L4RJ chapters, please contact our Community Engagement Manager for more information at or 323-487-1143.

To be considered please remember to fill out the L4RJ Chapter Membership Application here.