Policy Priorities

CLRJ works to advance the following Core Policy Goals to promote the reproductive and sexual health, rights and justice of the most underserved Latinas in California.

  1. Promoting Latinas’ Access to Reproductive Health Care & Positive Health Outcomes To ensure that California’s most underserved Latinas — including low-income, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ and young women — have access to comprehensive, accurate, and unbiased reproductive and sexual health information and services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to improve their quality of life and ensure healthy communities.
  2. Promoting the Reproductive Health & Justice of Latin@ Youth To ensure that young Latinas have access to comprehensive, accurate, unbiased, culturally and linguistically appropriate reproductive and sexual health information and services, and educational and social supports, in order to have healthy, productive, and economically secure futures.
  3. Mobilizing Latinas to Highlight the Reproductive Justice Framework and Advance a Vibrant Reproductive Justice Movement To advance a Latina reproductive justice framework that reflects the health, cultural, social, economic, and environmental needs and priorities of Latinas and their communities; ensures that Latinas are actively engaged in the policy process, and promotes reproductive justice movement-building through leadership development, mobilization and advocacy.

2018 Legislative Session CLRJ Sponsored Bills

SB320 – SB 320 would require all on-campus student health centers at public universities to provide medication for early pregnancy termination for its students. Bill fact sheet.