About Michelle

Michelle grew up on the U.S.-Mexico border in Nogales, Arizona. Her commitment to organizing for reproductive justice and liberation were shaped by growing up in those desert borderlands during the later end of the “War on Drugs,” the launch of the “War on Terror,” and the financial and housing crisis that displaced her family after 2008.

Michelle received a BA from Reed College in Portland, Oregon where she majored in history and literature, and has been doing community organizing for over 6 years. While living in Portland, Michelle organized with the VOZ day laborers center, in support of prison abolition struggles, as a fast food worker with the Burgerville Workers Union, and worked as an Organizing Specialist for labor union Service Employees International Union 503.

Key to Michelle’s understanding of and struggle for RJ are empowerment through liberatory education, labor and community organizing, and an abolitionist framework. She believes we Latin@s/xs need to build power and effect change for ourselves, from below, in solidarity with all other marginalized, oppressed and colonized women, gender non-conforming and trans folks.

In her spare time Michelle makes ceramics, studies, writes, cooks, conspires, wanders, and works on building nurturing relationships.

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