Transxenophobia, Gender Autonomy, & Reproductive Justice

An Interview with Bamby Salcedo By Karla Padrón PART 2 Transgender justice, like reproductive justice acknowledges the importance of gender self-determination. I spoke to the Transvisible co-researcher Bamby Salcedo about the challenges faced by TransLatina immigrants in the U.S.  Salcedo is a tireless advocate, activist, and proud TransLatina.  Most recently awarded the Susan J. Hyde Award for Longevity in […]

Loving Youth Unconditionally

By Ena Suseth Valladares- CLRJ Director of Research  Where is the love for our youth? Today whether we partake in the love festivities or not, let us all reflect upon what it would mean to show true love for all our youth – particularly when it comes to supporting and respecting their sexuality. Youth sexuality […]